Monday, 2 September 2013

The Kingdom of Doppeland Joins Kozlova

The Kingdom of Doppeland which was formally a independent protectorate of Kozlova has now surrendered independence to join Kozlova. The former King of Doppeland stated that: " the reason we have decided to join is that Doppeland wasn't growing and was begging to deteriorate, and i believe that it was necessary to join Kozlova in order to stop Doppeland from going into a state of total decline"

The final deal was settled today, and Doppeland is now official a state of Kozlova, however it will remain a semi-autonomous state, and will be allowed its own parliament, however it will be forced to recollect passports given out to its citizens. The President of Kozlova, Miles Pressland has stated that: "Doppeland became independent from Kozlova a few months ago, but has recently began to deteriorate, it was, therefore decided that Doppeland would re-join Kozlova, but they have also held the right to leave at any point, should they wish to."

It is hoped that as part of Kozlova, Doppeland will be able to grow and possibly at some point, be able to regain independence once they can sustain themselves.

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